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Cardiosport Indoor Bike Consoles can make almost any indoor exercise bike up to date with the latest technology, giving users a far more engaging and rewarding experience. With our universal fitting bike computer and tiny Bluetooth Low Energy and ANT+ sensors, the sensor suit records and transmits essential cycling data from the bike computer and sensors to multiple smart phone apps/watches and group fitness platforms.

Our Bike Consoles are an ideal solution for: independent Indoor Group Fitness Clubs, Bike Shops, Personal Trainers, Sports Teams and Home users. The simple to use package is designed to fit almost all styles of indoor bikes. It is very easy to install and gives the user all the cycling metrics they need on both the bike computer and smart phone/watch apps. Depending on your specific requirements, the Indoor Bike Sensor Suite can be customized to suit your bike class.

Indoor Bike Console Suite Includes:

  • Cardiosport ANT+ Indoor Bike Console: Power, Gold, Silver or Bronze (see here for individual specification)

  • Cardiosport TP5 Heart Rate Monitor or Optic Armband

  • Cardiosport SOLO Cadence Sensor

  • Universal Indoor Bike Computer Handlebar Mount

Product Details

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Upgrades indoor exercise bikes to commercial gym standards. The large sweat proof LCD screen displays all your vital workout data. 

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Screen Display

  • RPM - Average RPM

  • Distance - Miles/Km

  • Heart Rate - % Max Heart Rate,  Average Heart Rate

  • Calories - KCAL

  • Time



ANT+ 2.4 GHZ and Analogue 5KHz Heart Rate Monitor Compatible:


  • Garmin

  • Polar

  • Wahoo

  • Cardiosport

  • Sigma

  • Coospoo

  • Decathlon


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Cardiosport have partnered with Selfloops to offer an affordable bike power group fitness solution. With the Cardiosport Power Bike Console and Selfloops Group Fitness Application, you can offer interactive leader board systems, monitoring members, power, heart rate, intensity zones, calories and more.

The Cardiosport Power Console is compatible with all ANT+ Power Meters and connect seamlessly to the Selfloops Group Fitness Application.

Power Console Compatibility:

  • StarTrac NXT Spinning® range

  • StarTrac Studio Indoor Cycle range

  • Stages Bike 

  • Schwin IC Pro range

  • Real Ryder ABF8

  • Le Mond Fitness RevMaster range

  • Any indoor exercise bike with an ANT+ power meter


Most indoor bikes that come with bike computers and sensors that cannot broadcast workout data and the users leave without logging their progress on their favourite apps. Cardiosport and Selfloops offer an all in one solution to upgrade existing bikes, turning the class into a modern group fitness experience.  

What data is recorded:

  • Bike Power (Watts), Left and Right Leg Power Balance, Maximum Power, Average Power

  • Heart Rate (BPM), % of Maximum Heart Rate, Average Heart Rate

  • Calorie Burn (Kcal) Featuring Cardiosport proprietary advanced calorie burn algorithm 

  • Bike Cadence (RPM), Max rpm and Average rpm

  • Distance (Miles/Km) Total distance 

Recommended ANT+ Power Meters:

  • 4iiii Precision 

  • Stages Indoor Bike Power

  • Garmin Vector

  • Assioma Duo 

For more information on Selfloops Group Fitness heart rate and power training solutions, visit Selfloops

Cardiosport Connect Indoor Group Bike Computer


Product Summary

The Cardiosport Wireless Indoor Exercise Bike Computer was designed for commercial gym bikes. Built to withstand years of use from thousands of gym goers, the computer needed to be tough and reliable.

Doing The Simple Things Right

The computer is designed to 'just work' right out of the box. Pre-paired to the ANT+/Bluetooth Cadence sensor, you simply fit to your bike, press start and you're good to go. The LED backlight illuminates the scree clear so you don't miss a thing. 


Compatibility Is Key

The computer is designed to fit as many brands of exercise bike as possible. That's why we supply a universal handle bar mount and magnet-less Bluetooth / ANT+ Cadence sensor. The computer is compatible with ALL ANT+ heart rate monitors and Polar analogue heart rate monitors. 

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