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The Cardiosport Connect Bike Console takes collecting cycling data to a new level, now gyms can connect all their bikes to the same software hub, display all cycling metrics on TV screens and allow members to pair their Bluetooth and ANT+ heart rate monitors. Using our new ZR7 Connect Module, the console takes Bluetooth and ANT+ sensor data such as heart rate and power and broadcasts the data to compatible group fitness leader board platforms and even smart phone/watch apps. 

The Connect Console is an evolution of our popular Gold, Silver and Bronze range that are used by leading indoor bike brands, health clubs and gym chains. We have built on the features that have made this console so popular over the years:


  • Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity

  • Eliminated RF channel cross talk 

  • Durable and Tough Design

  • Clear and Bright Illuminated LCD

  • Universal Bike Compatibility

  • 1+ Year Battery Life

  • AAA batteries

  • Sweat Resistant 

  • Compatibility with hundreds of handle bars 

  • CE, FCC, ANT+ RoHS Compliant and certified

  • Best in class interference immunity


Cardiosport Connect Indoor Group Bik Computer

The Connect Indoor Bike Console uses a dual ANT+ and BLE  module to gather ANT+: Heart rate, Power, Speed, Cadence (RPM) Calories, Distance and % MHR data. The data is then broadcast in ANT+ and BLE in real time to a group fitness leader board application, to display, record, and analyse the whole class. Using the ZR7 Connect module, Connect can receive both ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitors, It can even send the workout data via a separate BLE channel to compatible fitness apps on the users smart phone / watch.

ZR7 Connect Module features:

  • Enhanced capabilities for group and class use cases with 50+ devices

  • ANT+ Heart Rate & FE-C device profile support

  • Nordic nRF 52832 SoC

  • Supports concurrent Bluetooth Low Energy /  ANT protocol operation 

  • Custom ANT+ Channels & BLE service

  • OTA capability 

  • Enhanced proximity sensor pairing function

  • On chip NFC Tag for OAB pairing

  • 1.7v to 3.6v operating range

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When the Connect Console is connected to an indoor cycling studio, bike class really come alive for both customers and instructors. With all the data from the bike console displayed in real time on the big screen, there is no need to take your eyes of the class instructor.  Now group instructors can see how hard each individual member is pushing at any given time. This data can all be saved and individually shared, so members can track their progress on their smart phone and get excellent value for money from their gym.

With the Connect Console, no indoor bike classes at your gym will be lost or forgotten about, as technology from the fastest growing segment of the app market is brought right into the bike class studio.  


Cardiosport OEM Gym Bike Computer