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Cardiosport CBA9 ECG Chip

For 40 years we have developed our own unique ASIC chip sets designed for a wide range of product applications in both fitness and medical markets. Our CBA9™ Biochip has a wide range of use cases including: ECG, HRV and Temperature detection. Engineered to deliver minimal power consumption, the ASIC guarantees ultra long battery life for fitness and medical products. We work directly with the largest Semiconducter companies to develop the best ASIC for sports, healthcare and medical products. 


CBA9™ Biochip Features:

  • 2 Channel Differential ECG inputs with programmable amplifier

  • Heart beat detection algorithm generating a pulse when detecting QRS complex

  • 16 bit ADC

  • 32 kHz Crystal Oscillator

  • Phase Locked Loop Oscillator and RC Clock Generator

  • Digital SPI Interface for ASIC configuration and ADC data read-out

  • Decimation Filter including anti-aliasing and DC removal filter

  • Leads ON/OFF detection circuitry 

  • Power supplies for analogue and digital circuits

  • Right Leg Drive (RLD) circuitry including input buffers and summing amplifier

  • Impedance Measurement Block

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ASIC Product Applications

Heart Rate Monitors

Cardiosport CBA9 ASIC heart rate monitors

Our ASIC chip sets are designed to deliver optimum performance specifically for heart rate monitors used in the sports and fitness industry. Delivering medical grade ECG accuracy in all conditions, the Cardiosport digital heart rate system is a reliable platform which we base all our heart rate monitors on. CBA9™ Biochip features minimal power consumption giving battery life that outperforms all competitor heart rate monitors.


  • ECG Heart Rate

  • HRV

  • Respiratory Rate

  • Beat to beat detection

  • 900+ hour battery life

  • Ultra-low power consumption

Healthcare Technology CBA9 ASIC ECG Detection Module

ECG Wireless Recorder Module

CBA9™ Biochip is used in both our proprietary and customer ECG Holter and Telemetry Monitors, for the ambulatory cardiac care market. The core specification of the ASIC is designed to offer ultra-low power consumption, allowing for a battery life of up to 14 days continuous ECG recording. Incorporated into traditional Holter Monitors, smaller wearable Holters and Telemetry recorder patches, the ASIC is setting a new standard in ultra-low power consumption, low cost Medical Bio Chips.

Product Functions:

  • 1 - 3 Lead ECG Recorder

  • 2 Channel differential ECG inputs

  • Event Detection

  • HRV 

  • Respiratory Rate

  • Vital Signs

  • 7-14 days battery life

EMS Vital Signs Monitor

Healthcare Technology Vital Sign Patch

The EMS Vital Signs Monitor is a concept designed for use by First Responders attending a casualty in hostile environments. The VSM can detect an accurate ECG heart beat and Respiratory Rate in seconds and display vital signs on a clear LCD. When a casualties respiration rate drops below 10 bpm or increases above 30 bpm, VSM flashes a bright LED to alert nearby responders to the casualties changing vital signs. 


  • Vital Signs

  • 1-Lead ECG 

  • HRV

  • Skin Temperature

  • Beat to beat detection

  • 12 month standby battery life

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