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Cardiosport Biovest Smart clothing heart rate fabric sensors


Fabric Integrated ECG Electrodes

Ultra Lightweight

Wicker Cooling Fabrics

Sizes S - XL

Universal Heart Rate Pod Compatibility

 "I  was thrilled to see that I didn’t get a single heart rate spike or dropout throughout the run  – just completely flawless data: Awesome!"


Cardiosport Biovest smart clothing sensors

The Cardiosport SMART BioVest was one of the original SMART garments with heart rate sensors integrated into the fabric. The BioVest completely replaces the need to wear a chest belt and comes in two styles and four colours: Stealth Black, Ghost White, Navy Blue and Electric Blue.  Now available featuring an adapted seamless stitching design, giving improved breathability.

Developed in partnership with textile specialists, the BioVest is made from a unique one piece seamless weave, integrating our own stretch heart rate strap design into the fabric. The lightweight and breathable fabric keeps the soft heart rate sensors in contact with the skin at all times giving consistent and accurate heart rate readings.


The SMART BioVest is compatible with most popular heart rate transmitter pods including the Cardiosport TP3.  To read the review of the BioVest by fitness blogger DC Rainmaker, click on the link below. 




To purchase a Cardiosport SMART BioVest please visit our shop.





Cardiosport Smart cycling jersey heart rate sensors
Cardiosport heart rate sensor fabrics

The Cardiosport SMART Cycling Jersey was developed following requests from professional cycle teams who needed to record flawless heart rate data during ultra cycling races. The SMART Cycling Jersey completely replaces the need to wear a chest belt and is compatible with multiple brands of heart rate monitors.

Developed in partnership with textile specialists, the SMART Cycling Jersey incorporates our own proprietary stretch heart rate electrodes that stay in contact with the skin during excessive movement of the body without causing irritation during extended use. 

Ideal for cycling teams and coaches looking to capture accurate, uninterrupted heart rate data on long stages, ultra cycling challenges and races. The cycling jersey can be made bespoke to meet specific, size, colour and branding specifications. 


For OEM enquiries please contact

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