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Cardiosport TP5+ Running Heart Rate Sensor

The TP5 range is a heart rate monitor and activity tracker packed full of features for runners, cyclists, swimmers and fitness enthusiasts who value accurate data and quality. ECG and HRV accurate heart rate data is standard on all Cardiosport heart rate monitors, which is improved through a new ultra soft chest belt using thinner more sensitive electrodes.


Accelerometer and ANT+ Running Dynamcis

TP5+ uses an accelerometer to detect running dynamics such as:  

  • Ground Contact Time

  • Vertical Oscillation

  • Stride Length

  • Ground Contact Balance 

  • Vertical Ratio

  • Step Length

  • Cadence


Advanced running dynamics are broadcast through the ANT+ HR-RD device profile to various Garmin watches and ANT+ enabled fitness devices. TP5+ can also broadcast speed, distance, pace and cadence via ANT+ to work with Zwift Run or ANT+ running watches that do not have the ANT+ running dynamics device profile. 

Internal Memory

Internal memory function lets you record heart rate and calorie burn when running, cycling and swimming without taking a phone or smart watch with you. TP5+ can store up to 16 hours of memory at one time. When the workout is finished simply sync to a companion app to download the latest workout in seconds. 

Transmitter Pod

The TP5+ Transmitter pod design is ultra lightweight at under 1/2 oz (13.7gram) with a thin contoured exterior shape tapering to 1/5 inch (5.5mm) 

Blue and Red LED lights can be programmed to signal
 heart rate zones, pairing, heart rate detection, cadence zones, changes in pace and many more. LED functions can be bespoke to your app and give the user the opportunity to set up their preferred LED settings. 



  • ECG and HRV Heart Rate 

  • Bluetooth SMART and ANT+

  • ANT+ Heart Rate Swim Lap Profile

  • Running Cadence/Pace/Distance

  • Internal Memory

  • Programmable LED Lights

  • Lap/Start Stop Tap Function

  • Ultra Lightweight under 13 grams

  • >600 hours battery life

  • 30m (90f) Water Resistant 

For all OEM enquiries please contact us at 

Cardiosport TP5+ Heart Rate Running Sensor
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