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Cardiosport OEM Heart Rate Monitor Whit Label Option



We offer a complete ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) service for products in the sports technology, healthcare and medical industries. This includes working on all stages of product development, from concept to final assembly and shipping.


With heart rate monitors requiring more features to remain competitive in the sports technology market, we developed TP5+ heart rate monitor, an example of how our proprietary technology can be adapted to a customer's specification and design. We provide our expertise to assist with both the mechanical design, PCBA, tooling, testing and certification. If a customer require a low cost heart rate monitor that still performs well, we look to reduce costs in areas that will not impact the functionality, aesthetics and overall performance of the product. With TP5+ we continue to add new features in anticipation of customer demands and in reaction to new fitness app and watch platforms. 

Product Development 

Functional Specification: Some brands have a clear vision and functional specification for their heart rate monitor already in place, others have a concept that requires further development. We offer our 40 year experience in this area and help finalize the functional specification of the product that will enable it to be competitive in the market. 

Mechanical Design: Our CAD engineers work in collaboration with the customer design team, either creating the design from scratch or adapting a current drawing and tooling into a functioning and manufacturable product. We have experience of working with a wide range of materials, finishes and colours and know the difficulties and opportunities these can have on a heart rate monitor mechanical design. 

Certification: We ensure all our products are certified with the necessary bodies based on the territories and can provide assistance for customers who are new to this process. When developing a heart rate monitor we will check all your certification requirements in advance and make sure the product will pass them. 

Testing: We offer in house field and lab testing throughout product development, including material tests, RF tests, chest strap testing, tooling testing and product feature testing. 

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