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Optic™ is a lightweight and accurate Heart Rate Monitor Arm Band, with optimal comfort and battery life. 

Designed for a wide range of sports activities, Optic™ can be paired with Bluetooth® and ANT+ smart phones/watches, bike computers and gym equipment simultaneously. 

Up to 18 hours battery life means you can workout for longer and more often between charging.

Using a combination of state of the art PPG sensor technology and Cardiosport® ECG heart rate algorithms, ensures unbeatable accuracy on a wide range of users. 

Optic also works with Apple and Garmin watches to display heart rate and calorie burn data in real time.

The adjustable nylon armband ensures a secure and comfortable fit on either forearm or bicep. 

Magnetic USB fast charger can complete a full charge in just 20 minutes.

test Optic on runner arm.jpg


Monitor your Heart Rate Training Zones in real time. Optic features 5 bright coloured LED indicators helping you train in your target zone.

Blue HR Optic.png
Green HR Optic.png
Yelllow HR Optic.png
Purple HR optic.png
Red HR Optic.png
Bridge runner optical.png

What is PPG Heart Rate Technology?

PPG (Photoplethysmography) is the process of detecting volumetric changes in blood peripheral circulation using optical LED lights. The LED emitter shines light through the skin surface and measures changes in blood flow and light absorption. 


The rate of flow in the blood vessels and capillaries is processed through a sequence of noise filtering algorithms and sampling rates to detect R-R intervals and heart rate (BPM). During intense exercise the rate of flow increases substantially and the PPG sensor calculates the beats per minute (BPM) by sampling the rate of flow hundreds of times per second. 

ppg diagram 2.png
PPG Diagram.png

Dual Bluetooth & ANT+ Technology

With Optic you can stream real time heart rate in Bluetooth & ANT+ to multiple devices simultaneously. Such as Garmin, Wahoo, Sigma, Cardiosport bike computers/watches and iOS & Android fitness apps. 


Optic can connect with all popular fitness apps like: Zwift, Wahoo, Polar, Peloton, Rouvy, BKOOL, Decathlon, Trainerroad and many more... 

Compatible devices.png
Optical Blue LED green glow.png

USB Fast Charging 

Optic supports up to 18 hours of battery on a single charge from a 140mAh lithium polymer battery. The LED light will flash Green and Red when the battery is low and needs a charge. 

The charging cable uses a magnetic pin style terminal that stays securely attached to the sensor during charging. When on charge the LED light will flash Green and stay solid Green when fully charged. 

full charge optic.png
magnet charger.png


To help you avoid over training, Optic features a vibration alert set above 95% of your Max Heart Rate. When you push yourself to the limit Optic will alert you by gently vibrating with the LED flashing Red.  

Vibration alert pic.png


All Heart Rate Monitors are compatible with both Bluetooth and ANT+ enabled devices

Compatible Devices

Compatible Apps

decathlon app.png
wahoo app.png
peloton app.png

Map My Run         Decathlon            Wahoo Fitness        Polar Beat                Peloton

sufferfest app.png
new zwift.png

 The Sufferfest     Map My Ride         Trainerroad                Strava                   Zwift

Wireless Technology

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