Optic™ is a lightweight and versatile Heart Rate Monitor Arm Band, combining optimal accuracy and comfort. 

Designed for a wide range of sports activities, Optic can be paired with Bluetooth® and ANT+ smart phones/watches, bike computers and gym equipment simultaneously. 

Up to 24 hours battery life means you can workout for longer and more often between charging.

Using an industry leading Valencell® sensor combined with Cardiosport® ECG heart rate algorithms ensures optimal accuracy on a wide range of individuals and sports applications.

Optic also works with Apple Watch and Apple TV to display heart rate and calorie burn data in real time.

The adjustable nylon armband ensures a secure and comfortable fit on either forearm or bicep. 

Optic is only available in a B2B capacity and isn't sold directly to consumers. For all OEM/ODM optical heart rate monitor inquiries please contact below. 

Dual Bluetooth & ANT+ Technology

With Optic you can stream real time heart rate in Bluetooth & ANT+ to multiple devices simultaneously. 


Optic can even support 2x Bluetooth channels allowing connection to GPS bike computers, smart phones/watches, Apple TV and gym equipment at the same time.  


What is PPG Heart Rate Technology?

PPG (Photoplethysmography) is the process of detecting volumetric changes in blood peripheral circulation using optical LED lights. The LED emitter shines light through the skin surface and measures changes in blood flow and light absorption. 


The rate of flow in the blood vessels and capillaries is processed through a sequence of noise filtering algorithms and sampling rates to detect R-R intervals and heart rate (BPM). During intense exercise the rate of flow increases substantially and the PPG sensor calculates the beats per minute (BPM) by sampling the rate of flow hundreds of times per second. 


Why Use Green and Orange LEDs?

The Optic sensor uses a combination of green and orange LEDs to achieve the best possible accuracy across a wide range of people and skin tones. Green optical emitters are considered the most effective light source for detecting blood flow and are the preferred choice of most optical heart rate monitors and watches. However, the orange LED is proven to provide superior measurement on darker skin tones and through tattoos. 

To make sure our Optic heart rate monitor is accurate on as many people as possible, we use both green and orange LEDs in the PPG sensor configuration.


USB Micro Charging Doc

Optic supports up to 24 hours of battery on a single charger from a 140mAh lithium polymer battery. Green and red charge status LEDs indicate low battery, time on charge and when fully charged. 

The charging doc uses a USB micro socket and is compatible with all USB micro cables to keep the cost of replacements low. Flexible charging doc walls hold the HRM securely during charging maintaining contact with the charging pins at all times. The recessed lower case is moulded to the shape of the PPG sensor ensuring no scratches or blemishes to the sensor lens.  



All Heart Rate Monitors are compatible with both Bluetooth and ANT+ enabled devices

Compatible Devices

Compatible Apps

Map My Run           Kinomap           Wahoo Fitness        Polar Beat                Peloton

 The Sufferfest     Map My Ride        Trainerroad                 Strava                 Zwift

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