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Cardiosport ANT+ Cadece Sensor

Product Info

The Cardiosport ANT+ Bike Cadence Sensor is a light weight sensor that attaches to your chain stay and detects cadence (RPM) and connects to ANT+ bike computers, watches and devices.

Set Up Guide

This is a brief guide to setting up your ANT+ Cadence Sensor

How to install the Cadence sensor on your bike

  • Position the Cadence Sensor on the left chain stay and attach using the two cable ties provided so that the sensor is parallel to the wheel and crank arms.

  • Attach the magnet to inside left crank arm using the cable ties provided so that the magnet is directly in line with the Cadence sensor.

  • The green LED light will flash when it detects cadence and is now ready to pair to your ANT+ device.

Now your Speed or sensor is ready to be paired with your smart phone or ANT+ device. 

How to pair the Cadence sensor to an ANT+ device

  • Activate your Cadence sensor by spinning the crank arm once attached to the bike. A green LED light will flash when cadence is picked up. If this doesn't happen press the button next to the LED. 

  • Follow the pairing instructions on your ANT+ device and search for Cadence sensor

  • Some ANT+ will automatically pair to a sensor when it is activated and display an ANT+ ID code.

  • When your ANT+ device shows that your Cadence sensor has paired and displays an ID code, your sensor is now paired. There is no need to repair your Cadence sensor to your ANT+ device as it will automatically pair when the sensor is activated.

Your good to go

Once you have finished pairing your Cardiosport Cadence sensor to your chosen fitness app, or ANT+ device. your are good to go!

Changing the Speed sensor battery

If you need to replace the battery simply follow these easy steps.

  • Using a coin insert the coind edge into the groove in the centre of the battery door. Rotate the battery door following the arrows and OPEN and CLOSED marks untill the door can be removed

  • Remove the dead CR2032 battery and replace with a new battery with the writing on the top of battery facing up.​

  • Re-attach the battery door and rotate until the door is firmly shut

Troubleshooting FAQ

Why won't my Cadence sensor pair to my phone?

  • To ensure that your Cadence sensor pairs directly to the app you have downloaded, please ensure you have an ANT+ adapter installed or that your phone is ANT+ compatible

I am struggling to get an RPM reading from the Cadence sensor and it doesn't show up under the list of sensors?

  • This can be caused by the sensor not being attached securely to your bike chain stay or the magnet is not correctly inline with the sensor. Please ensure that the magnet is directly inline with the sensor and the LED light flashes when the magnet is detected. 

Can I pair my Cadence sensor with another phone or app or ANT+ device?

  • Yes your Cadence sensor can be paired with more than one ANT+ device or phone/apps. If you are switching between devices or apps then you can still use your  sensor for different devices. Simply pair your sensor in the same way as before and you now have a Cadence sensor for multiple devices.  


Can I pair my Cadence Sensor to my phone app and ANT+ device at the same time?

  • No this is not possible because the Cadence sensor is ANT+ only and can only be paired to an ANT+ compatible device. 

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